Amazing Cannabis Products You Didn't Know It Existed

Amazing Cannabis Products You Didn't Know It Existed

August 24, 2020 0 Comments

When I first started out in the cannabis industry, I worked as a ​ budtender, a fancy term for someone who works at a recreational or medical marijuana dispensary. My job was to recommend products to customers based on their expressed likes, dislikes or vague memory of something they smoked 30 years ago that they were hoping to recreate. Half of my job was also interacting with cannabis brands that came into our store hoping to get their products on our shelves. I got to sample everything from cannabis lotion and salad dressing to someone trying to sell us their cannabis pet products (??). Overtime I became incredibly familar with the emerging variety of cannabis products in regards to branding and quality. While I’m not affiliated with any of these brands, I’ve used their products several times feel they are worthy of a writeup. Here are some of my favorites.

Catapult Coffee Pods ​: Getting high Keurig style

Available in THC or CBD and regular or decaf! Back in college I ​ had to brew a pot of coffee before enjoying cannabis or else I would fall asleep. It seems genius that now you can enjoy this classic pairing in one fell swoop. Local Seattle accessories shop Trichome ​ ​ ​ ​ made world news when they started offering their famous ​ Cannabis & Coffee Sundays ​ once a month. It didn’t take long before someone noticed that this powerful combination could make its way into a Keurig machine.

I remember seeing Catapult’s pods for the first time at Uncle Ikes and I was so excited this existed an ​audible laugh escaped my mouth. Seattle doesn’t mess around with coffee and Catapult is no exception. The coffee is smooth, flavorful and lifts you up for a gentle take off but delivers the warm relaxing effect of cannabis. The pods are 10MG which depending on your body mass index and experience level can be just right or too much. The standard edibles dose is 5mg. If you’re new to edibles or on the slender side, I’d recommend mixing a 1:2 ratio of Catapult coffee to regular french press to ensure you have a good experience. The rule with edibles is, try a little and wait until you feel something. Microdosing, which is very ​ in right now would recommend a 1:4 ratio of Catapult to regular coffee. ​

Effect​: Caffination meets a relaxing body high, really excellent if you have a full day’s of tasks ahead of you or are socializing.

Price: $40 for a pack of 6

Foria , aka Weed Lube ​

Foria was the first cannabis product that branded itself in the luxury market of female friendly weed products. Their promise is that cannabis lube helps women have better orgasms by increasing blood flow down there thus making us feel more aroused.

I imagine of all the products listed here, Foria is the one people are most curious about, the question being, does it work? The Frisky covered it and I felt the reviewer did it justice, which you can read ​ here ​ . I have personally used it as well and can only say 😍 .

● Effect ​ ​ : Increased arousal, enhancement of sexual experience.

● Cost ​ ​ : $70 for 30ML. Contains 450ML of THC.

● Note : this is available to CA medical residents only. ​ Bond ​ ​ ​ ​ is a cannabis lubricant available in WA state that is comparable and less expensive. ​


Zoots: The perfect edible for people who hate edibles

While nearly everyone I’ve ever met has a hilarious ‘edibles gone wrong’ story, there is something distinctly different about Zoots. I’m not a fan of edibles so perhaps thats what makes my love for them so memorable. Zoots are a tiny rock candy that come in lemongrass and chilli flavor and start to take effect within 2–5 minutes vs the standard 45min–2 hour wait time of most edibles. I’m guessing the reason why they kick in so fast is that they’re absorbed sublingually, which according to KushTours, “boosts absorption rates by 60%” versus having to disgest a cannabis brownie for example.

All flavors of Zoots are infused with the same hybrid strain, which if I had to guess I’d say Blue Dream. Zoots don’t make you feel sleepy or paranoid but instead give you a serious case of the giggles. I absentmindedly had a tin of these in my pocket at the Geekwire Gala two years ago and dosed some techies who perked up at the idea of trying weed candies in a professional setting. Needless to say, I made some friends.

that night. ​ Tip : these are highly incognito in terms of weed treats and a great party gift if you can snag yourself a tin.

● Effect: Kick in immediately, easy to break up for smaller dosing, incredibly stealth, and odor-free. Excellent for beginners.

● Price: $45 for 20 candies. Total THC content 100MG. ​

​ Mary’s Medicinals: Transdermal patches, 10mg CBD, THC, and 1:1 THC/CBD Ratio

Let’s not even get me started on ​ Mary’s Medicinals ​ , they’re hands down my *favorite* brand and have an incredibly diverse range of products. Describing everything they offer would eat up this article so I’ll just focus on my favorite product. 10MG

Transdermal CBD patches have been a game changer in my life. If you don’t know what ​ CBD is, it’s basically decaf weed. It will not get you high (non-psychoactive) but will give you deep physical and mental relaxation, akin to taking a bath or having a glass of wine. Mary’s CBD patches provide incredible relief from body aches, stress, fatigue and painful periods. They’ve also allowed me to introduce the benefits of cannabis to people who normally would’ve been reluctant to do so *ahem, mom*.

So how do they work? According to KushTours, “Patches ​ ​ use a concentrated extract in its activated form to penetrate your dermal layer and produce an elongated high similar to an edible. These products can last for up to 8 hours”. Aka, magic.

As a CBD evangelist, I keep a supply of these on me when I travel, in my glove compartment, and in my wallet because for people who have a high stress lifestyle, they’re literally life savers. While the modern world has adopted Xanax as its solution to stress and panic attacks, these patches are in my opinion, more effective. They last for 12 hours and don’t feel like you’ve taken anything artifical. Mary’s patches have also been SUPER useful in introducing the powers of cannabis to pot-phobic acquaintances, friends and family members. The world seems to be comfortable with transdermal patches since the 80’s thanks to Nicorette, so I’ve found most people feel safe trying a Mary’s Medicinals patch even if they consider themselves anti-marijuana. Mary herself should cut me a check for the $500+ I’ve spent giving them away.

Effect ​: 8-12 hours of sustained relaxation and stress relief. Excellent conversation starter for people who have no idea what CBD is.

Cost ​: $20 for a 10mg patch. If you’re an MMJ patient the price goes down to $8–10 per patch.Ps: you don’t need to go to a dispensary to buy these, now you can buy them ​ online ​ !

Shine Rolling Papers ​: Because I can’t believe this product exists

Its hard to deny how cool one feels smoking weed wrapped in 24K gold. I tried it and as much as I wanted to laugh that this product exists whatsoever, Shine rolling papers delievers on their promise of making you feel like a Roman god or at least an extra in a music video. The paper is similar quality wise to other high end rolling papers and doesn’t feel harsh in your throat. If I had a burgeoning rap career I might consider using these everyday, however I reserve them strictly for Christmas, my birthday and Instagram.

● Price ​ : ​ 12 sheet pack ​ , $55. 2 sheet pack, $20

● Effect ​ ​: You’re smoking weed wrapped in gold. If you’re curious about more amazing emerging cannabis brands, peep our ​ ​ Pinterest board ​ ​ ​ ​ that covers over 40+ new amazing products in the cannabis industry. Xo, FEZ.COM


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